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Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday - 8am to 9pm
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Health Care Management Services

Health Management helps consumers, providers and risk-bearers coordinate and manage health and wellness across care settings. We help drive optimal health outcomes, efficient healthcare spend and affordability.

Medical consultations on out-patient basis.

For prophylactic, diagnostics and therapeutic services. We offer physical one on one consultations with examination, samples taken for laboratory investigations, over the phone and Skype tele-medical for consultations.

Medical referrals.

With the widest data of medical doctors within a varied array of specialties, Salutem can arrange for specialized medical offerings in the Diasporas. (U.K. and other European countries; The U.S; Middle East, Pacific Asia, and other continental Asian countries

Concierge doctors. (Doctors on demand)

We operate a retainer-ship for our clients and prospective clients.

Emergency medical health care

Operational hot lines and Skype for emergencies with 24hr ambulance service(s).

Nursing care services (Pediatrics’, geriatrics’, special needs client).

Salutem is cognizant of the wide variety of need of clients which vary, thus we offer services like geriatrics, pediatrics, special needs, and chronic illnesses related to aging.