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Salutem’s Contact Tracing Strategy for Covid-19 in the F.C.T, Nigeria

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Nigeria’s first case for COVID 19 was recorded on the 25th of February 2020 since then until now, the cases and incidence rate has risen across Nigeria and the FCT at large.
As at today been the 24th of August 2020, Nigeria has recorded a total of 52,548 number of cases while FCT Abuja has recorded a total number of 5,028 cases.

This incidence rates may be an underrepresentation of the true picture due to limited or inability to expand the coverage of covid-19 testing.

Contact tracing is an essential component of the toolbox for containing the pandemic outbreak by closely watching and monitoring these cases and ensuring adequate isolation and quarantining thus reducing the reproductive number for COVID 19 in the FCT.

Salutem health checkers is on a mission to raise 100s of contact tracers, who will have roles in active community and domestic surveillance for prompt identification, isolation, quarantining of cases and contacts of COVID-19, practically to limit the spread in urban and rural areas.
Our focus presently is in the Federal Capital Territory which has a high density of international and foreign travelers.

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